129: Are Skin Rashes Caused By Parasites?

If you’ve ever wondered if you have parasites because you have rashes, this episode is for you!

I’ve had a number of clients over the past couple of months who believed that parasites were at the root of their skin rashes.

This came from both eczema and psoriasis clients, by the way.

So, where did they get this idea?

Reading information written online.

There are websites out there that claim that pretty much everyone has hidden parasite infections.

AND if you do a parasite cleanse, you’ll be free of your parasites.

So today I’d like to set the record straight about parasite skin rashes and my own experience in clinical practice with how often I see these types of cases.

I suspect that this will surprise you… AND hopefully save you some money.

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In this episode:

  • True or False: Does everyone with rashes have parasites?
  • How many clients I’ve worked within 3 years who’ve had parasites
  • Surprising ways you can get a parasitic infection
  • Caution about expensive big DIY supplement protocols
  • How to find out if you do really have a parasite?


Most people think that parasite infections come from eating contaminated food, but there are several modes of transmission like through the bottom of your bare feet! Even pets can track them into your home.

In the past three years of clinical practice and the many stool tests that I’ve reviewed… only 2 people actually had parasitic infections.

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Are Skin Rashes Caused By Parasites? (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Welcome back to episode #129 of the Healthy Skin Show!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about parasites — and whether or not you have them IF you have chronic skin rashes.

This particular episode was inspired by a series of questions that I have gotten over the past two months from private clients.

They’d done a lot of internet research and had stumbled across information that basically claims that “everyone has parasites” and that it’s a big problem that your doctor isn’t looking for.

And that if you have any sort of health issues including rashes, it’s pretty likely that you have parasites and need to do a pretty elaborate (and expensive) parasite cleanse.

So is that true?

Are hidden parasite infections to blame for your rashes?

Woman thinking about skin rashes being caused by parasites

Do Skin Rashes Automatically Mean That You Have Parasites?

In my ongoing work around decoding chronic skin rashes, I’ve identified 16 different root causes.

Often a person has a combo of 3 to 5 root causes that hide under the surface and get in your way of stopping the flare cycle.

And yes, parasites could certainly fall into the bucket of hidden infections.

There are many different types of parasites. Some live inside of you while others (like Demodex mites) live on you.(1)

Most people think that parasite infections come from consuming contaminated food or water, but there are several modes of transmission like through the bottom of your bare feet!(2)

My husband and I have each experienced parasite infections that happened while walking barefoot on separate occasions. Mine occurred while walking through a river in Costa Rica while his infection happened during our honeymoon in Belize while walking on a beach.

Pets can also track parasites into your home.

My colleague Jennifer Brand, MPH, MS, CNS has worked with young children who have gotten parasites from putting everything in their mouths that’s on the floor.

So yes, parasite infections can certainly be a hidden root cause.

And yes, rashes of all sorts can be triggered by parasites.

But are they ALWAYS the root cause of skin rashes?

The honest answer is NO.

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Skin Rashes Do Not Mean You Have Parasites

I’ve had several clients tell me that they were doing internet research and came across videos and articles about parasites. (It’s worth noting that this has spanned both clients with eczema and psoriasis.)

“They said that everyone has parasites! And that’s why everything that I’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. So I bought this parasite detox cleanse they recommended. It looked like a really good program.”

First of all, I want to make it clear that I have been in your shoes diving down online rabbit holes researching my own eczema issues.

While there’s a lot of great information online, there’s also a lot of marketing that APPEARS like it’s factual information.

And it’s often sold by people who have zero credentials except that they have a great story that sounds really familiar.

Unfortunately, these clients have ended up wasting a lot of money on very expensive parasite cleanses, yet ultimately didn’t have parasites.

And obviously didn’t get any results from these DIY programs either.

The reason is that everyone does not have parasites.

In the past three years of clinical practice and the many stool tests that I’ve reviewed… only 2 people actually had parasitic infections.


The majority of my clients who struggle with rashes (and even gut problems) do not have them.

Cleansing smoothie

Before You Buy A Parasite Cleanse…

Hold up on spending a lot of money on an expensive parasite cleanse (especially if you do not have any confirmation that you have one)!

Even if you do have positive test results, different parasites may need different approaches to get rid of them.

And depending on how long you’ve had the infection and how severe it is, it might take several different targeted steps to address them.

That’s why a one-size-fits-all expensive parasite cleanse is short-sighted and might not get you the results you’re hoping for!

So I hope this helps to set the record straight.

It’s my intention that sharing this will spare you (in a moment of desperation) from being suckered into spending anywhere from $800 to $2000 on a boatload of supplements that claim to rid you of parasites (that you probably don’t have).

So if you want to know if you really have parasites…

Speak to an infectious disease doctor.

Get a clinical stool test that looks for these types of organisms. (These tests can be helpful.)

One of my clients who’ve I’ve mentioned on the Healthy Skin Show before discovered through our work that he had Blastocystis hominis.

He had ZERO gut symptoms, but chronic eczema rashes all over the place.

The stool test that I suggested which picked up the Blasto finally explained why all the antimicrobial supplements he took never helped. They weren’t effective on Blasto!

This is why it’s so important to dig into what’s underlying your rashes so you can stop throwing (often very expensive) darts in the dark.

If you’ve found this insight helpful, I’d love it if you shared this with who may be wondering if parasites could be at the root of their skin rashes.

While it’s possible that they could be, it’s also equally likely that they’re not.

Getting tested is often the best, most cost-effective way forward so that you know what you’re dealing with and can take meaningful steps forward.

Got any questions or comments about parasite infections? COMMENT BELOW so we can keep the conversation going.

Thank you so much for tuning in and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode!

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  2. https://www.who.int/intestinal_worms/resources/en/teacher_eng.pdf

Most people think that parasite infections come from eating contaminated food, but there are several modes of transmission like through the bottom of your bare feet! Even pets can track them into your home.

Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS

Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS is an integrative Clinical Nutritionist and the founder of Skinterrupt. She works with women who are fed up with chronic gut and skin rash issues discover the root causes and create a plan to get them back to a fuller, richer life.

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