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  • 8 pre-recorded 75-min deep dive classes led by me
  • 7 pre-recorded 60-min Q+A calls led by me
  • The same protocols I use in my private clinic
  • Several amazing bonuses
  • So much more!
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Attention fellow skin rasher warrior!!

You’re here because you are frustrated and fed up.

You likely know what it’s like to feel trapped in what has likely become a living hell when it comes to your skin.

It’s exhausting to never know what type of day you’ll have because you truly don’t know why your skin is calm one minute, but then suddenly becomes an angry mess the next.

If you only knew what triggers your skin (hint: it’s 98% NOT your genes, despite what anyone has told you)…

Was it the food?

woman with light pink hair scratching with both hands at the skin on her neck wearing a white tee shirt on a gray background

Some air particulate, dander or pollen?

A new product you bought?

Or was it some random flare that makes no sense at all because you’ve literally done nothing different?

You probably feel like your skin has a mind of its own.

And despite all of your best efforts, the answers still elude you.

I’m here to tell you that what’s going on with your skin isn’t fair.

You don’t deserve to wake up bloody in the middle of the night because you were scratching yourself in your sleep.

Or to feel deeply uncomfortable (or even embarrassed) by how your skin looks to the point that you avoid any clothing that’s remotely “revealing” (like short-sleeves) or photos of yourself.

And what’s worse is that you often feel very alone on this journey.

Your doctor doesn’t seem to have answers beyond MORE creams + other more potent drugs that mess with your immune system.

Deep down, you know that something else is going on.

But you’ve gotten pushback from your doctors or shrugs with a quip about “it’s in your genes” or “you just have to learn to live with it.”

More conventional medicine websites that pop up on the first page of Google seem to echo these statements.

Yet still — there’s a little nagging voice inside of you saying that something else is going on.

Which is where you started searching for “alternatives” to try.

Can You Confidently Say That Alternative Medicine Has Helped?

“I tried all the diets, remedies, supplements, natural creams + tips that I’ve read online — nothing seems to help.”

If this statement hits home, you’re not alone.

So many of the alternative strategies + protocols written about online aren’t helpful for chronic cases (I personally know — nothing helped me that I researched online).

It makes sense that you’d start to look outside of the recommendations your doctor gave you…

In fact — nearly 50% of eczema AND psoriasis warriors seek out “complementary and alternative” treatment to get relief.

While there is so much about integrative approaches that CAN help, you might discover that the results are mixed.

Protocols created by integrative practitioners may not be helping as much as you’d hoped.

And even the practitioners themselves don’t seem as knowledgeable as you’d hoped for.

The reason is that NO TRAINING EXISTS FOR CHRONIC SKIN CONDITIONS to teach practitioners what to do (not even within the Institute for Functional Medicine’s curriculum).

So they commonly approach your complaints as if it’s “a gut problem,” recommending you start with an elimination diet.

Maybe some supplements as well to reduce inflammation.

But at the end of the day, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels because…


While there’s often a gut component, chronic skin issues are rarely just a gut problem.

You also can’t “read” a functional stool test for someone with skin problems in the same way you would if they had other health issues.

Skin problems also typically don’t respond to gut protocols in the same way that someone with gut problems or thyroid problems alone would.

There are multiple layers that complicate skin cases.

And if your practitioner isn’t up-to-date on the latest research (which is paving the way for really creative solutions), then you’ll get some cookie-cutter protocol for autoimmunity — but not skin.

So they lean harder + harder on eliminating more foods from your diet, which can unfortunately drive you towards a great deal of food fear + unnecessary food restriction.


Despite what you’ve read or been told — food restrictions (and elimination diets) can backfire.

For starters, food is often NOT the problem (unless we’re talking about a true IgE allergic reaction).

And research now shows that taking out food unnecessarily can potentially trigger allergic responses to those foods when you attempt reintroduction (this happened to one of my clients who avoided eggs solely because she read online that they were bad for skin problems — and ended up with a severe egg allergy confirmed by an allergist as a result of removing them).

Plus it can drive nutrient deficiencies which make it harder for your skin to heal.

AND create a ton of food fear (also known as orthorexia) or reignite disordered eating patterns in those with a prior history of eating disorders.

Research actually backs this up!

You can see in these preliminary results of a study that I’m involved with that gathered responses from over 600 people with chronic skin conditions.

The poster below was published at the Integrative Dermatology Symposium 2022 clearly showing that food elimination diets used for chronic skin conditions have a negative impact across the board on your relationship with food.

And that over 54% of those without any prior history of eating disorders shared that the use of elimination diets had negatively impacted their relationship with food.

While it’s not uncommon to find that your diet choices impact your skin, it’s a crucial point to remember that it may not be the food itself that’s the actual problem.

Often it’s what happens to the food once it gets down into your gut + mixes with your microbiome that then triggers the inflammation that ends up flaring your skin.

And that, my friend, is not a food-fixable problem — it requires other efforts so that you can stop reacting to the food without your skin getting angry.

Before You Say "But I've Tried It All"...

It’s frustrating when you feel like you’ve made so many changes only to not see or feel results (or to end up even worse).

You’ve checked everything off that your doctor suggested — swapping out detergents, body care products + cleaning products.

You even did bleach + oatmeal baths, wet wrapping, antihistamines + spent a small fortune on a box or drawer of topical creams that didn’t work.

Perhaps you even ripped up carpeting from your home, got rid of specific clothing that irritates your skin, had your air vents cleaned, and even rehomed your pet.

Your doctor may have recommended different medications (that range from topicals to oral meds to injectable options) with varying side effect profiles that either haven’t helped, helped to some degree, or haven’t done very much.

And sometimes the meds do help — but you’re not comfortable staying on medication longer than you need to because you see it as a kind of bandaid.


Typically the next step is to try changing up your diet (as I already shared before) because doing an elimination diet seems like it’s the only thing left within your control to fix your skin.

There are diets specifically calling out what skin issue they’re supposed to fix (like the Eczema Diet or Psoriasis Diet).

Or there are diets that address or avoid certain issues like gluten, nightshades, dairy, eggs, candida, sugar, histamine, oxalates + salicylates that you might have tried.

And then you’ve probably heard of (if not already tried) more broad eliminations like Whole30 + AIP… along with celery juice and other juicing or detox program.

Where you’re left is typically in one of two spots…

Either feeling like you need to continue eliminating things because you’re not getting the same results that others boast about.

Or completely afraid to eat after having whittled your diet down to an unrealistic number of foods (and struggling to reintroduce anything without flaring).

Let’s be honest — it’s a really sad state of things when food fear rules your life.

And that every time you flare, your impulse is to cut more foods out.

Look, that’s not thriving.

This type of vicious cycle is literally living in a constant state of crisis management headed down a dangerous road to disordered eating.

And you’ll only feel trapped in that place so long as you don’t actually know what’s triggering your skin rashes.

You Have More Options Than You Realize

If you’ve thought until now that you’ve been cursed or doomed and that there are no answers out there for you, I’d argue that’s not true.

I’m willing to bet that you’re still holding out a glimmer of hope that you can figure out what’s going on.

And it’s easy to see why exhausting all the conventional options (that you’re comfortable with) + even trying different diets without success makes you think that your case is hopeless.

But I have good news for you…

Since 2017, I’ve made it my mission to find answers to chronic skin condition cases, and that’s how I eventually came to discover a couple of extremely important truths

First — there are 16 different root causes that can trigger + drive your ongoing skin problems (and food/diet is just ONE of those possible 16)!

Second — the reason that solutions work for one person, but not YOU is that your root cause combo is different than theirs.

It’s what explains why Sally or John’s skin reacts so differently compared to yours.

Their solution is not YOUR solution.

This means that your unique root cause combo (typically made up of 3 to 6 root causes out of the 16) is not only crucial to figure out, but then paves the way for healing when addressed in a specific, methodical order.

So instead of continuing to basically throw darts in the dark hoping to hit the bull’s eye, this process offers clarity + a way forward that doesn’t rely on cutting out more and more food.

Because calmer, clearer skin means that you…

  • Aren't constantly worried about your skin flaring up
  • Can sleep through the night
  • Enjoy time with your kids, family + friends
  • Show your arms, legs or feet (think short sleeves, shorts or sandals) without feeling embarrassed
  • Wear tight clothing without triggering hives or welts
  • Eat a much broader diet + be able to go out to eat without worrying that there will be nothing you can have
  • Travel and enjoy varying climates (humid or cold)
  • Shower, exercise + move freely without pain
  • Enjoy your life

It's Time For Answers + an Action Plan!

So if you’re ready to stop the vicious cycle that your skin is stuck in

If you’re fed up trying bandaid remedies, depressing diets and topical creams + salves that only address the skin (and not what’s going on underneath)…

If you don’t want to obsess over every food choice…

If you’ve been seeking a community that gets what you’re going through + won’t make you feel ashamed about your choices…

And you’re ready to dig deeper into your case based on the latest research + protocols that are used in my clinical practice…

I invite you to join me on a journey where you have me as a copilot by your side who can help fill in the missing blanks, point you in the right direction, encourage you + give you more targeted recommendations!

Jennifer FugoI’ve Been In Your Shoes…

As a fellow eczema warrior, I’ve also struggled with hidradenitis suppurativa since 2010.

I know what it’s like to be given meds without any warnings or guidance on their use.

And to be told that “your diet doesn’t matter” + that I’d “just have to learn to live with it.”

I began working as a certified clinical nutritionist to help chronic skin problem clients in 2017 + am the clinic director of my own private virtual practice working with clients all over the world.

Plus, I have conducted over 300 interviews via my podcast called the Healthy Skin Show + am constantly steeped in the latest research on these topics (as well as attending conferences + doing research).

Finding answers to what’s driving your skin problems is what I eat, sleep + breathe as my team and I work closely with private and group program participants to rebuild healthy skin!

These are some results clients have gotten...

Join me for an 8-week journey that will change everything you know about your rashes!

The DIY Skin Rash Rebuild Program is designed to help you…

  • Identify your unique combo of root causes + triggers
  • Look “under the hood” by identifying the RIGHT tests to ask for (or get)
  • Streamline your supplement protocol based on your results
  • Tweak your diet to be varied, nutrient-dense but REALISTIC (and adding back in as many foods as possible)
  • Deep dive into my 16 Root Causes process so you know what to do first + beyond
  • Implement lifestyle strategies + mindset shifts to help you stay motivated
  • Learn how to better navigate flares (that your doctor never told you)
  • Pick better topical strategies based on your skin complaints + conditions

To accomplish all of this, we’ll dive into my unique skin rash root cause matrix to tackle the most common imbalances that you’ve probably never known about…

And Here's My Weekly Plan to Make (What Seems) Impossible Right Now... Possible!

M O D U L E  1 

Getting Started

  • Deep dive into the 16 root causes of skin rashes
  • Sensible diet shifts based on your chronic skin condition(s) from the SRR Diet Guide Book (as well as who SHOULDN'T change their diet)
  • Laying the foundation + assessing your case - how to log this information, what to track, best way to analyze symptoms
  • Cross-reactive food allergens review
  • Breathing practices to explore

M O D U L E  2 

Liver Detox + Gut Function

  • Deep dive into Liver Detox + Gut Function
  • Strategies + product recommendations for dealing with itchy skin
  • Appropriate supplement recommendations + supportive protocols (and how to onboard them)
  • Initial support for Topical Steroid Withdrawal cases
  • Assessments on Liver Detox, Mitochondrial function, Topical Steroid Withdrawal + Histamine Overload
  • Jen's list of topical skincare recommendations broken down by skin condition

M O D U L E  3 

Stress, Mindset + Sleep

  • Strategies + guides to help you get better sleep
  • Best conventional + functional labs to request for your case
  • Stool test review! (submit your stool test for Jennifer to review if you've already had one done)
  • Discussion on shame, stress, trauma + how to assess your mindset so they cannot undermine your focus + commitment to do the work
  • Weekly assessments include sleep hygiene, sleep apnea, stress resiliency + unhelpful mindset patterns

M O D U L E  4 

Supporting Adrenals and Thyroid + Elimination Pathways

  • Optimal lab values for conventional blood testing
  • Why + How to work on optimizing your elimination pathways
  • Understanding what increases energy + drives fatigue in skin cases
  • Breakdown on troubleshooting your thyroid, adrenals + mitochondria
  • How steroid exposure can negatively impact your adrenals (especially if you have TSW)
  • Review of binders, mitochondrial support + other supportive herbs for cortisol dysregulation (as well as for those in TSW)

M O D U L E  5 

Microbiome + Hidden Infections

  • Deep dive into the gut microbiome + its connection with chronic skin problems
  • Weekly assessments for gut bug imbalances, candida overgrowth, h.pylori, parasites + worms
  • Review of gut treatment options (conventional vs "natural") + how to pick what's the best route for you
  • Discuss mouth/oral microbiome imbalances, how they impact your skin + tips for addressing the problems
  • Focus on H.pylori - what it is, how it impacts different skin conditions, testing + options to address it 

M O D U L E  6 

Histamine Overload + Environmental Exposures

  • Deep Dive into Histamine Overload + advanced strategies for dealing with it
  • Assessments on Toxins + Chemical Exposures, Heavy Metals, and Food Reintroduction
  • Discussion on overgrowth + undergrowth within the gut microbiome (and what to do about both scenarios)
  • Review how to safely test out food reintroductions (especially if you struggle with food fear)
  • Explain how + when you use the SRR Fungal protocol (based on testing or your case assessment)
  • Review commonly overlooked issues with fungal overgrowth to help you be successful + troubleshoot your case

M O D U L E  7 

Balancing Sex Hormones

  • Deep dive into sex hormones + their role in chronic skin conditions
  • Review of testing for sex hormones + discussion on what results can mean
  • Discussion on parasites + using the parasite protocols (including onboarding + troubleshooting)
  • Review of Progesterone Sensitivity, Estrogen Dominance + Low Testosterone -- what do they mean?
  • Second Stool Test review (you're welcome to submit yours if you've had one done)

M O D U L E  8 

Healing Isn't A Straight Line

  • Review of your progress from your Week 1 case assessment
  • Continued conversation on implementing + troubleshooting protocols
  • Creating a plan for your health journey - Mapping out your next steps
  • Advanced mindset resources

Each weekly module will guide you + deepen your knowledge base so you can…

  • Stop the awful itchiness
  • Decrease redness/hyperpigmentation from inflammation in your skin (and body)
  • Strengthen your skin barrier from the inside-out
  • Improve skin moisture, reduce cracking and plaques, and stop the flakiness
  • Support your liver appropriately so you stop pushing toxins out of your already angry skin (and without flaring up even worse)
  • Get your digestion on track (so you're pooping optimally to keep this elimination path moving)
  • Ditch the bloating + gas
  • Feel more focused, present + clearheaded
  • Get back your energy (without relying on caffeine) so you're not dragging all-day
  • Get restful, rejuvenating sleep so your body can heal
  • Increase your diet diversity so you can eat more foods without worrying that they'll flare your skin
  • And sooooo much more!

During this journey, we are copilots.

This means that you don’t have to do endless google searches trying to piece clues together.

You’ll get straight-forward, practical strategies + support from me — so that you truly know that you are not alone.

Here's What Working Together Looks Like

Over the course of 8 weeks, you and I will dive deep so you can better understand what’s really driving your rashes and flares.

Since there are different skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, rosacea, chronic hives, dermatographia, tinea versicolor + TSW) covered in this course, you can expect that I’ll share insights from my clinical practice that aren’t readily available online (nor on the Healthy Skin Show).

And loads more!

If you’ve been wanting to work with me privately, but for whatever reason, you haven’t had the chance to do so…

Your DIY Skin Rash Rebuild Program includes:

  • 8 Pre-recorded 75-minute topic deep dives led by Jennifer
  • 7 Pre-recorded 60-minute Q+A sessions led by Jennifer
  • MP3 audio recordings of all 15 live classes
  • Complete transcripts of the 8 weekly deep dive calls
  • Detailed syllabus + weekly centering worksheets to keep you on track + focused on YOUR goals
  • Skin Rash Rebuild Diet Guide broken down by skin concern so you know what to add + what to avoid
  • 17 Skin Rash Root Cause Quizzes to help you identify what's actually going on
  • Handouts + worksheets to keep you accountable
  • Get exclusive additional discounts on Quell supplements + skincare (for US-only participants)
  • Lifestyle + topical product recommendations
  • Conventional + Functional lab recommendations (and HOW to get them)
  • 22 protocols for root causes (with direction on when + how to follow them)
  • 100% Judgement-free zone so you feel safe to get the help you need
  • BONUS #1 - Q+A call recordings with Rachael Pontillo to answer your questions on how to care for your skin topically (based on YOUR skin condition)
  • BONUS #2 - Two (2) months of access to Jennifer's Inner Circle monthly membership that includes 2 1-hour calls per month  and 2 15-minutes calls per month to get your questions answered live (value $97)
  • BONUS #3 - Get an alumni discounted rate to join future live programs and the option to join weekly group calls after the course ends! (only available to program grads)
  • BONUS #4 - Full access to my Liver Detox Masterclass + Histamine Overload Masterclass

Your program kicks off as soon as you're ready!

It would be an honor to be your copilot on this journey to rebuild healthier skin.

As you can see, the DIY Skin Rash Rebuild is packed full of content, the latest research, tools, protocols + guidance from me (and my team)!

This makes everything you’ll get from the DIY SRR worth well over $3000 in value! ($3482 to be exact!)

Plus consider that working with me privately can range from $4700 to $7500.

So if you’re ready to claim your spot during this limited enrollment period, you can get started for just $347.



Join me for the 8-week DIY program PLUS 4 live 1-hour Q+A calls during the 8-week course

For only $397

Confirm My Seat


Join me for the 8-week DIY program PLUS 4 live 1-hour Q+A calls during the 8-week course

3 Monthly Installments of $147

Confirm My Seat

Your program includes my 14-Day “100% Happiness” Guarantee

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Stop spinning your wheels...

One of the most common things participants say about the program is that they learn more during the 8 weeks than they have learned over the past decade.

None of this information is part of the “standard of care” that most conventional doctors will tell you + it’s a totally different approach from the functional medicine model that treats everything like a gut problem (with a fixation on eliminating more food).

In fact, this information is not taught to functional doctors which is why so many chronic skin rash warriors simply do not improve with that approach!

So if you’re ready to dive deeper than you ever have and you’re ready to commit + say YES to the Skin Rash Rebuild, your seat will be confirmed by entering your credit card information into the form. Once the charge is placed, a receipt will be sent to your email and you’ll be redirected to another page that is where my member’s portal is located.

Check your inbox for an email that provides your login details (FYI — your username is your email that you purchased the program with).

You should log in and begin the process of getting all set to begin the program.

What Past Participants Have Said About The Program...

I started to get eczema on my hands in March 2020 and I really tried to do all the right things to get it to go away -- even saw a naturopath who I felt had run out of options to help me and I didn't know where else to turn to for help.


Joining the Skin Rash Rebuild was the beginning of my journey to clear skin! I realized my case wasn’t hopeless as there were so many other things to work on that my ND wasn’t directing me to do that Jennifer shared!


If you feel like you've run out of options with your doctor(s) and you don't know where else to turn, the Skin Rash Rebuild program will provide loads of information, answers and options that can help you on your skin recovery journey.


-Andrea J.

I came into the Skin Rash Rebuild program set on not going back on Humira for my psoriasis which I had stopped due to Covid. I was really feeling hopeless and frustrated because I was already eating a very strict diet in order to lower my histamine levels. 


Though I knew some of the information Jennifer shared during the program, I came to discover a number of issues I had, like not eating enough protein and calories that led to excessive hair shedding (which was an issue for about a year). I know now how important protein is in skin healing as well. I’m glad to know that I have more options to help my skin as I continue to work through this process and would absolutely recommend this program to someone struggling with psoriasis!



I’ve been struggling with eczema, dandruff, hives and TSW and was feeling a mix of confusion, overwhelm, depression and frankly had no idea what to do next. I was really tired of feeling like I was guessing with each step.


So I joined the Skin Rash Rebuild because I knew I needed some science-based information and support but could not afford another investment in speculative research/diagnosis.


The program helped me realize that I needed to get a clear diagnosis from testing so I could feel more confident in supplement protocols.


Plus, Jennifer is really cautious with elimination diets and stresses that diet alone is not the crutch to rely on due to the dangers of orthorexia and eating disorders. I definitely recommend this program!


- Cynthia Hamilton

After struggling with Rosacea and feeling lost, alone and overwhelmed with the options out there, I found the Healthy Skin Show and decided that I wanted to work with Jennifer. She is full of knowledge, know-how and is so very real. 


When the Skin Rash Rebuild started, I discovered which products and protocols Jennifer recommends. She also guided me on which tests I needed to ask my doctor for and what I could also test on my own (which revealed big problems I was so glad to find). This helped me figure out pieces of my puzzle that no one had ever considered before so I could do something about it!


I am sleeping better and feel generally more relaxed as my skin has really improved.


And one of the best parts about the program was that I could ask Jen absolutely anything. She answered my emails directly and answered my questions during the Q&A calls. I really appreciated her attention to answering everyone’s questions! It was nice to feel a part of something bigger than myself. I felt safe and heard in the class which was such a big deal for me.


- Meg M.

I’d been dealing with eczema, dandruff, tinea versicolor and hives for some time and was feeling pretty hopeless and overwhelmed because I thought that I was out of options.


I came to discover in the Skin Rash Rebuild that I’m not out of options, but that there are many avenues that I can work on to help my skin. The support and not feeling alone has been so helpful and I’m also happy to report that I have not had a breakout for quite some time!


-Minda Turner

I struggle with eczema and must admit that I was very confused about what steps to take next because I felt like there are just so many different things you can do.

I decided to join the Skin Rash Rebuild hoping to get clarity and came to discover that the program (and Jennifer) has so many insights and tips on so many topics about skin problems. It’s really helpful! 


If you want to know my thoughts on the program -- do not hesitate to join the Skin Rash Rebuild.  You will learn an incredible amount of information that will be helpful to guide you on your skin journey.  It is worth every penny!



I was going through a second major psoriasis flare, getting no sleep, feeling tired all the time, and emotional about my skin issues. I felt stuck since I've been struggling for the past 10 years and no one had the knowledge to help me.


I used to toss and turn, itch, and just not stop thinking while feeling half-awake all night, and would be exhausted by the time my alarms went off. I never wanted to get out of bed and everything was a challenge.


B​ecause of the support I got in the Skin Rash Rebuild, my sleep issues have totally changed for the better!


I can say that Jennifer is a specialist in skin issues.  I've never seen anyone more knowledgeable about skin rashes as she is.  She makes things easier to understand, she takes the time to explain WHY and HOW these different factors are playing a part in your skin issues.  As someone who has had skin issues all their life, I've never understood what is happening in my body and now I have actionable options as I continue to work on my health.


-Bri W.

The Skin Rash Rebuild is thoughtfully designed to guide you step-by-step through your journey to clearer, healthier skin.


With Jennifer's help, I was finally able to get to the root cause of my hand eczema after many years of trying to manage with diet alone. As a result, the insatiable itch is gone, my skin is clearer, and I am tolerating many foods that previously triggered flares. As an added bonus, I am sleeping better and have no more hot flashes.


Jennifer helps identify changes that will make a real difference. She teaches you how to determine which factors to prioritize and what to do about them. She truly cares about helping and is there every step of the way. She wants everyone to feel seen and heard and makes it clear that no one has to face this journey alone.


After countless doctor visits, medications, lotions, potions, and pills, the Skin Rash Rebuild program is the best use of time and money that I have ever spent for my skin. For anyone suffering from skin rashes, I highly recommend Jennifer Fugo and her Skin Rash Rebuild program.


-Cristy Chuparkoff

I have been struggling with an itchy, red, burning skin rash for 7 years. It has been diagnosed as dermatitis, ezema & hives by a dermatologist. I was prescribed topical steroids which I have been using on & off for 7 years, but really they were a temporary fix. Each time the rash came back it was worse than before. I felt hopeless and alone and blamed myself for the issues I was experiencing. 


Until I joined the Skin Rash Rebuild I had never spoken to anyone who had a clear understanding of my issues & had answers about how to address the symptoms I was experiencing. 


Jen is masterful at reading tests results. She helps you to understand the complexity of your individual situation and guides you through protocols she uses in her practice. Jen has a systematic as well as simple approach combining traditional as well as alternative options. 


Her knowledge is wide-reaching and she looks for the root cause & guides you to not just manage the symptoms but to begin the deeper healing process of your body.


I have felt totally supported and listened to throughout this program without judgment. Thanks to the program I am sleeping better, the rash has subsided considerably and I have found the freedom of self-forgiveness.



I've been dealing with skin issues -- eczema and more recently TSW -- for most of my life. I've been to many doctors, including specialists, integrative and functional medicine doctors, and haven't gotten very far.


It seems like conventional doctors don't have many answers other than put some cream on it. I tried this for years but things got worse.


I discovered Jennifer Fugo's website and podcast a few years ago and gained lots of valuable information, but sometimes I felt overwhelmed. Then I found her Skin Rash Rebuild program that put all of the pieces together in a logical format broken into easily digestible pieces. I was no longer overwhelmed as each week we were given a few more pieces of the puzzle.


We had 2 calls/Zoom sessions a week where we could ask Jennifer and Michelle any questions. If we couldn't make the live session we could send questions in ahead of time. They also took the time to review some of the participant's test results, which helped others in the class to understand and learn more based on real-life cases of fellow participants.


We were given protocols to tackle many different issues, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I really can't believe how much information was provided at such a reasonable cost.


I'm seeing improvements and truly believe that Skin Rash Rebuild helped me to understand the root causes of my skin issues. This is truly remarkable after a lifetime of frustration. I've learned that addressing root causes is the key to healing and feel like I'm on the road to healing after attending Skin Rash Rebuild.


The Skin Rash Rebuild program was life-changing for me. As someone who has struggled with rashes off and on for 35 years, I have seen countless doctors, tried many different diets, medicinals and supplements, all with very little to show for it except many dead ends.


For me, following the SRR's curriculum has restored my sleep (goodbye insomnia!), almost eliminated my hives, and greatly reduced my itching. Truly I thank God for finding SRR!

-David B., Richmond, VA

Woman looking through magnifying glass

Is This Right For You?

So if this sounds good, but you’re wondering if you’d be a good fit, here’s what you need to know!

This program is for you if…

  • You’re struggling with one (or more) chronic rash conditions → eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, chronic hives, dandruff, dermatographia, tinea versicolor or TSW
  • You’ve tried lots of products + diets without much success and are tired of “throwing darts in the dark”
  • You are motivated to dig into your case
  • You want more indepth support because you don’t have the training + knowledge to understand labs and develop therapeutic protocols
  • Want a more integrative approach to your case
  • You’re interested in expanding your knowledge about what could be going wrong
  • Working with me privately is beyond your financial means
  • Or you’re not ready yet to ask for one-on-one help

On the flipside, this program is NOT right for you if you…

  • Currently have a serious diagnosis like cancer
  • Believe that you’ve tried everything and do not feel hopeful
  • Want to solve your problems with quick fixes
  • Are not interested in making changes
  • Only want more food eliminations or incredibly restrictive diets
  • Would rather do all the research yourself
  • Wants to blame their rashes entirely on stress or bad genes
  • Expect someone else to do all of the work for you
  • Want to get personalized review of your case + recommendations (this is not possible in a DIY program -- that’s what one-on-one services are for)
Happiness Guaranteed

100% Happiness Money-Back Guarantee

It’s important to me that you’re happy with your purchase. I find that people who are fully committed to this work get the best results especially when the process is a great fit for them.

If you decide that the DIY Skin Rash Rebuild isn’t for you, you have 14 days from the date of your purchase to request a refund. Simply email customer service at explaining to us why you’d like a refund and we’ll get the process rolling for you.


Because I have extensive experience working with clients who have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, chronic hives, dermatographia, dandruff + TSW, someone struggling with one (or more) of these issues would be well served in the Skin Rash Rebuild.

While it might seem strange to be in a course with people who don’t have your exact condition, that’s okay! I have the experience to know the different nuances that impact these conditions and will be sharing on how to address more customized steps and issues that present in these cases.

I don’t generally work with this population. Recommendations for children and babies are a bit different. This program is better for adults, teens or parents of teens who are committed to digging into their case and following directions.

Yes! All programming will be available over the internet. All live meetings can be accessed by your mobile device or computer.

Yes, it’s totally fine. I’ll walk you through how to start dealing with the underlying issues while still using medications to manage them. There is no judgement from me (nor will bullying about meds be tolerated) because your journey + what you choose to use on it is entirely up to you.

This is totally okay! I consult on cases where clients are currently working with someone else, but they are seeking a second set of eyes and expertise in skin-related matters to bring back to their practitioner to help them get better results.

Sometimes someone is only working with a conventional dermatologist, and other times, they may be working with a functional doctor, naturopath or another nutritional professional. Either way, the DIY Skin Rash Rebuild offers a deep insight into chronic skin cases that is not taught in any programs at this time (even in the Institute for Functional Medicine).

Because we have participants will different levels of experience with a more integrative or functional approach, we have created specific resources, guides, handouts and even a glossary to help you learn.

We know that this process can feel like you’re learning an entirely new language, but exposure to all of these different pieces of the puzzle can equally provide opportunities for you to explore different issues that your doctor never mentioned as well as allow you to ask better questions of your doctor.

Also, it will help you avoid making mistakes or buying into scammy practices that have no science behind them because you’ll be aware of what to avoid.

You can go at your own pace working through the material, ask questions of Jennifer and her team to help you learn, and get clear direction about your next steps rather than trying to figure them out on your own which can waste a lot of time and money.

This is a DIY program which does not include any private time with Jennifer as this is a self-study program. However, you do get 2 months of access to her Inner Circle membership so that you can join her + her team on live calls to ask questions.

Private call upgrades are only available for purchase during your active 8-week program. Additional fees are involved and listed inside of the program information.

While I wish I could say that everyone magically feels better in a matter of weeks, everyone’s journey looks different. What I do not offer is a sense of false hope because what I cannot foresee are complexities in your case, how long it will take you to get testing done, setbacks that can happen (ie. you get the flu or food poisoning), how well your body tolerates supplements which ultimately dictates how quickly you can onboard things, etc.

What I can share is that this program is a path to becoming your own best advocate + partner as it supports you in illuminating the WHY (what’s going wrong and what’s your root cause combo) AND the path forward based on your case, including what to do about the hidden issues you discover.

There is a lot of information in this course that is eye-opening AND actionable as well as the support that you’ll get from not just the community, but also from me (Jennifer) and my team.

You might be someone who can act incredibly fast, tolerate things very well and see massive improvement during the program.

Or you might also be someone who will go through the course taking measured actions based on your level of comfort, plan out when testing would be possible for you, and start working through the protocols in the months after the 8-week program ends.

Either way, this is your spot for the most up-to-date learning experience that will empower you to discover what’s going on and have the support to take the right steps for you on YOUR timeline.

No. While these options are not required, they may be helpful for your case. These are additional out-of-pocket options that may be covered by your health insurance or HSA/FSA card. The different options will be shared throughout the program in case you would prefer to purchase labs on your own (especially if you do not have health insurance).

No, this is a completely digital product. Nothing physical will be mailed to you for this program.

Absolutely! We offer alumni discounted rates to join future live programs as well as our Inner Circle membership (only available to SRR grads) for more advanced support that includes unlimited LIVE group program access.

Absolutely! Since they are in a PDF format, they should easily work on any device be it a computer, iPad, eReader, or mobile phone.

Yes, we offer options to graduates to retain access to the latest content and to dive into more advanced material and coaching.

You will have 10 weeks to access the course materials. Beyond that, we offer alumni options to join future live programs or continue diving into more advanced material.

All information should be saved before the end of the 10-weeks as then your access will close unless you continue with our graduate options that will be shared during the program.

That’s okay too! I know that everyone is in a different place. You can absolutely take the class to learn more so you can slowly implement things on your own time table.

As soon as you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be asked to create a password for your new account at Once you create your password, you’ll be immediately redirected to your course library where you’ll see the Skin Rash Rebuild DIY program listed.

If you already have a member’s account at associated with your email, you’ll be asked to log in before you complete your purchase. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be redirected to your course library where you’ll see the Skin Rash Rebuild DIY program listed.

Your receipt and a purchase confirmation will be emailed to you.

If you have any trouble with checking out or accessing the course, email and a team member will get back to you to get the issue resolved. Please be aware that the support inbox is monitored Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm ET. If you contact my team outside of those hours, please be patient as we will get back to you soon.


This program should not be construed as a replacement for medical attention or a relationship with a doctor. Jennifer Fugo is a clinical nutritionist, but is not a medical professional and cannot diagnose you with any conditions. Joining this program does not create a client-practitioner relationship between you and Jennifer Fugo unless you decide to establish a private one-on-one relationship with her in her private practice.

With that said, it is advisable that you retain a patient-doctor relationship so that you can utilize their support on your journey.

All of the information shared within the Skin Rash Rebuild is to be used as general information and in no way make any promises, guarantees, or claims of diagnosis, treatment, prevention or healing any disease. Any actions you decide to take after confirming your seat within the DIY program is done so at your own risk. It’s your responsibility to consult with your own doctor before starting any new supplement, diet, lifestyle change or product.