The Healthy Skin Show 005: How Hormonal Birth Control May Be Contributing To Your Skin Condition w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

For many women, the decision to stop taking birth control comes with the unintended and generally unforeseen consequence of skin issues like acne and rashes. The truth is, your hormones are taking an unexpected roller-coaster ride and your body is just trying to regain its balance.

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My friend Dr. Jolene Brighten knows a thing or two about this. She’s a functional medicine and naturopathic medical doctor and the founder of Rubis Health, a clinic specializing in women’s hormones. Recognized as a leading expert in post-birth control syndrome and the long term effects of hormonal contraceptives, Dr. Brighten helps her patients find a healthy balance between conventional and alternative medicine.

In this interview, Dr. Brighten and I look at the seldom discussed effect that birth control pills can have on your skin, whether you take them currently or have in the past. As always, talking with Dr. Brighten was so enlightening. She is full of information, that as a woman, I wish I had learned years and years ago.

If you haven't checked out her book yet — GET IT HERE! (I highly recommend it!)

Have you experienced unexpected effects when you stopped birth control, specifically that may be tied to your skin? Leave a comment!


In this episode:

  • What “post-birth control syndrome” is and what the common symptoms are
  • The effect that birth control can have on your body’s nutrients
  • What happens to your hormones when you go off of birth control
  • Tests you should ask your doctor for if you’re struggling with a hormonal issue after stopping birth control



“If you’re on hormonal birth control now and you’re like, this is my jam and I want to stay on it, let's talk about how to keep you safe. And if you’ve already come off you may be experiencing post-birth control syndrome.” [2:47]

“Your body has to detox, it has to get things out. But if you’re not getting things out through the channels of elimination, like urine and breathing and pooping, your skin becomes the place where your body pushes that out. It’s not betraying you. It’s trying to keep you super safe!” [5:44]

“I advocate that women get a full thyroid panel every single year as part of their yearly exam, sooner if you have symptoms.” [15:22]



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The Healthy Skin Show 005: How Hormonal Birth Control May Be Contributing To Your Skin Condition w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten