When topical steroids and other treatments don’t work to clear up eczema, we can get pretty desperate for a solution. If your dermatologist has run out of options, my guest, Dr. Richard Aron, might have what you’ve been looking for.

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Dr. Richard Aron is a world-renowned dermatologist with a focus in atopic eczema. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, he is the creator of the Aron Regimen. By examining the causes of atopic eczema and the common flaws in conventional treatment, Dr. Aron has developed a totally different approach to treating it.

In this episode, Dr. Aron shares his groundbreaking treatment regimen and how he discovered it. Perhaps the most interesting part of it is its simplicity. It involves taking normally available medicines and combining them in such a way that can be used throughout treatment and adapted for patients of all ages.

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In this episode:

  • An explanation of Dr. Aron’s unorthodox approach to diluting medicines when treating eczema
  • Why treating the root cause of eczema is the most important thing you can do
  • The potential synergy of antibiotics and steroids for sustainability treating eczema in patients of all ages
  • Doctors you can contact if you think the Aron Regimen could help you



“I have done something that confounds common sense in the sense that I've taken a steroid that we all use and is widely available, I've taken an antibiotic… and I’ve taken those two active products and put them in a moisturizer.” [4:21]

“The skin is almost certainly infected if the condition is chronic. The key thing which will give you the best chance of healing, which may lead to remission, it may give the body the chance to heal from within, is controlling infection.” [17:23]



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