The funny thing about skin rashes… it feels like being trapped on a hamster wheel.

Trapped by skin flares and rashes.

You try to deal.

Maybe it gets you to some semblance of “normal” and you do so much work *trying* desperately to keep it there.

But it’s never for good (or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation).

I know that where you are stuck right now feels very lonely.

Your doctors are virtually no help and don’t seem interested in delving deeper on your behalf.

They think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

But YOU are the one who has to live like this.

Deep inside, something’s been nagging at you.

You know that you don’t have a steroid cream deficiency.

That there must be something more… deeper to what’s going on.

But you don’t know what.

You’re ready to break the cycle of flares, steroid cream dependency, pain, itching, cracking, and other symptoms, but you just don’t know how!

If you’re reading this thinking “YES!!!” — you’re ready for Skinterrupt.

What’s Skinterrupt?

I’m glad you asked.

A mashup of the words skin and interrupt, Skinterrupt was born from shared experience you’ve had trying (and failing) to get answers for your skin.

You’re clearly not getting better (in a sustained path forward).

You’re fed up adding more to your box of creams, salves, medications, and ointments that don’t really work.

You know it’s time to connect the dots so you can address what’s underlying the rashes.

You’re fed up endlessly managing symptoms (waiting on bated breath for the next flare).

And that’s how you found your way here.

Skinterrupt is about interrupting what’s happening to your skin AND to call a full stop on the failed conversation about how to address chronic skin rash conditions.

If you’re ready to…

  • See your skin as an important, connected facet of your body (everything is connected)...
  • Trade managing symptoms and flares to search for root causes and ways to support underlying triggers...
  • Explore alternative paths (that you’ve probably never heard of in the exam room) for supporting your skin from both the inside-out AND outside-in...

Then get ready to dig in!

Because what you’re about to discover here at Skinterrupt can help you connect the dots and put together your puzzle.

So you can finally start rebuilding healthy skin.

How to Find the Information You Need

While there are overlaps between some skin problems, not all are the same. That’s why we organize the information for you so that you can easily filter and learn more about your specific issues.

You can do that by visiting the growing list of skin conditions and selecting what you’re looking for. Each topic page acts as a “directory” of sorts so that as new content is released, it will be linked to that page.

The current list includes:

Plus we’ll dive deep into ongoing research and stories of triumph over on the Healthy Skin Show podcast. This means you can stay more in-the-know!

Rethinking Why You Have Skin Rashes

I remember what it was like when I had eczema desperately trying just about anything that seemed to help someone else’s skin. Most suggestions didn’t work for me.


When I was on the brink of feeling totally defeated, my husband said, “All this time you’ve tried what’s marginally helped other people. What if you were a client that came to your practice asking for help. How would you start helping YOU?”

That moment changed everything for me.

It’s when I stopped looking at my skin issues as JUST skin issues.

What if they were symptoms of deeper imbalances?

If that was the case, then that would explain why a topical steroid (or anything else) would only go so far to help.

It wasn’t actually making a dent in the reasons underlying my flares and rashes.

So when I say that you have to look for the “root causes,” that’s what I mean — the reasons and imbalances causing the problems in the first place.

If you just manage symptoms, you’re destined to feel out-of-control essentially playing “Wack A Mole” for life with your skin (and other health issues).

But when you look deeper, you have the opportunity to address issues at their core and hopefully create lasting, positive change.


This said, please realize that there are no silver bullets or magic pills.

It’s important that you know that on your journey. Skin issues (especially when they are chronic and you’ve had them for years) can take time to resolve once you get things dialed in.

In the meantime, here are some great ways to get started:

And if you’re in need of a partner on the journey to help you get to the root of things and put a plan in place...

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