The Healthy Skin Show 006: How To Tweak Your Diet To Combat Candida w/ Ricki Heller

Some rashes, like candida and eczema, can seem to last forever! You might have tried a dozen different creams, seen specialist after specialist to no avail. Ricki Heller shares today why you should not give up. There is hope. You just need to be persistent!

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My good friend, Ricki joins me today to tell her story dealing with candida caused skin rashes. Ricki has spent 19 years following an anti-candida diet and now she helps people eat, cook, and live well so they can focus on healing and enjoying their lives. She’s the author of three best-selling cookbooks in addition to writing for a whole bunch of magazines and websites. She’s just amazing at helping people learn to love their food regardless of how restrictive their diet is.

Ricki’s shares her own story of changing her diet to overcome her skin rashes. I believe it’s so important to hear Ricki’s story. When the process of ridding herself of her rashes looked bleak, she hung in there and persisted. Now she lives a rash free life.

She’ll be back again in a future episode to talk about eating sugar-free by making use of alternative sweeteners. I hope you’ll join us then!

Have you had candida related complex? Tell me about what helped or didn’t in the comments!


In this episode:

  • Ricki’s story of finding a treatment for her candida rashes
  • What a candida rash actually looks like
  • Staying positive when a skin condition just won’t go away
  • Lifestyle changes and natural remedies you can use to help you get relief



“Candida is just so persistent… So even though I had been feeling good for a while, as soon as I started feeding it all that sugar, and all those processed foods, and refined foods, I think that’s what tipped the scales and boom, my body just said I can’t handle this. It has to come out somewhere.” [6:27]

“I truly believe that our bodies are meant to be healthy and want to heal. If you give the body what it needs, it will heal.” [10:24]

“As long as things were getting better, no matter how small the improvements, I knew I was moving in the right direction and that eventually, things would clear up.” [11:15]



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The Healthy Skin Show 006: How To Tweak Your Diet To Combat Candida w/ Ricki Heller