025: Can Too Much Fermented Foods Trigger Skin Rashes? w/ Summer Bock

Fermented foods have skyrocketed in popularity because they're a great source of probiotics. However, should those of us with skin rash issues be including ferments in our diet? My friend Summer Bock joins us again to discuss. 

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Summer is a leading gut health expert who coined the term “Gut Rebuilding.” She integrates her traditional studies in herbalism with modern research and a background in microbiology. After resolving her own slew of health concerns naturally by focusing on the gut bioterrain, she started teaching others how to do the same. She is certified in Integrative Nutrition through Columbia University and a three-time Good Food Award winner for her sauerkraut recipes. She is the founder of the Better Belly Project and CEO at Guts & Glory, an online business that offers live coaching and natural solutions for digestive problems.

In this episode, we talk more about fermentation, and whether fermented foods can be a trigger or problem for chronic skin rash issues.  

Do you eat fermented foods? Which ones? Tell us about it in the comments!


In this episode

  • Does it matter what type of ferment you eat?
  • What is histamine, and why can it be an issue for some people?
  • Are pickled foods fermented foods as well?
  • Do people with candida need to worry about ferments as far as yeast is concerned?
  • Supplements that help lower histamine levels or reactions
  • How to consume carbs when you have a histamine issue as well as candida



“People who are struggling with eczema, hives, even an overabundance of histamine…even some cases of candida and SIBO—these are all issues that I tell people, ‘You need to steer clear of the ferments for now.'” [2:55]

“Fermented foods are filled with histamines. Histamines are a part of our immune system. They are created by mast cells. It's also produced by bacteria.” [7:50]

“Eczema is super complex. It's one of those issues where it's not a cookie-cutter situation.” [13:37]

“Eating carbs gives your liver the glucose that it needs to break down this neurotransmitter.” [18:30]



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“People who are struggling with eczema, hives, even an overabundance of histamine...even some cases of candida and SIBO—these are all issues that I tell people, 'You need to steer clear of the ferments for now.'”

Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS

Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS is an integrative Clinical Nutritionist and the founder of Skinterrupt. She works with women who are fed up with chronic gut and skin rash issues discover the root causes and create a plan to get them back to a fuller, richer life.

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