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Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE!

Enrollment ends Sunday 9/25 and classes begin Tuesday 9/27

00:00 – 48:33 7 Skin Rash Mistakes webinar training
48:34 – 1:18:28 Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE! program info
1:18:29 – 1:51:00 Jennifer answers skin rash questions

  • 8 live classes with me
  • 7 live Q+A calls with me
  • The same protocols I use with my 1:1 clients
  • Several amazing bonuses
  • So much more!

Welcome Skin Rash Warrior!

Let me guess…

You’ve seen lots of doctors

Poured over forums and facebook groups for hours and hours (and hours!)

Eliminated your eating choices down to almost nothing because you’re afraid it will trigger a flare-up.

Switched out your detergents, cleaning products, and body care products

Spent a small fortune on pills, potions, and lotions all with high hopes…

Only to have your hopes dashed to pieces when your skin problems didn’t get better…

Or even got worse!

I Know What It’s Like To Be In Your Shoes...

Because I Used to Wear Your Shoes!

My personal journey has given me a deep level of compassion and empathy for what you’re going through.

And that’s what drove me to become an integrative clinical nutritionist so I could help people like you feel better and get back to a normal life.

Since 2017 I’ve been obsessed with getting to the root cause of all skin problems through…

  • Untold hours of research pouring through studies and medical journals
  • Over 260 interviews with the world's leading doctors, immunologists, dietitians, nutritionists, and skin rash patients (that's my Healthy Skin Show podcast)
  • Working with hundreds of private clients to help them solve the most frustrating and hard-to-figure-out skin rash issues

Through This Work I've Discovered There Are...

16 Root Causes of Skin Rashes

Root causes

Most skin rash sufferers put all of their focus on DIET — but as you can see that’s only 1 of the 16 root causes — and it’s NOT the first place to start.

The place to start is the LIVER and GUT

Because an overworked liver can actually re-route toxins TO YOUR SKIN for elimination!

And an overworked liver usually starts with a compromised gut that is leaking toxins into your body.

So by helping people solve their problems at the base of the pyramid first…

And then working our way up the pyramid until their symptoms are resolved…

I found that many people’s skin problems disappeared (or at least greatly improved) and they could go back to EATING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON AGAIN!

Once The Word Got Out...

My Practice Filled to Capacity

When word got out about the results I was able to get for my clients — through reddit groups and social media — my private practice quickly mushroomed to the point that I was working long hours and still falling behind…

So I hired and trained junior nutritionists to help me ease the case load…

But even still, a waiting list started

And now it’s nearly impossible to work 1-on-1 with me anymore.

(Even if you’re able and willing to invest $2000 to $6000 to enlist my help)

But I don’t want to stop anyone from getting the help they need…

And I feel really bad every time I have to turn someone away just because they can’t afford it…

So twice a year I run a less-expensive GROUP program that shares the very same process that I use with my private clients.

It’s a total “brain dump” of EVERYTHING I know — a “choose your own adventure” journey for any and every skin rash issue!

I N T R O D U C I N G . . .

Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE!

A Live Group Class That Uses the Same Rash Removing ProcessMy 1-on-1 Clients Pay $1,000's For!

Works on Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dandruff, TSW + Hives

Skin Rash Rebuild Course

Your Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE! group program includes...

  • 8 weekly 75-minute classes taught by Jennifer
  • 7 weekly 60-minute group Q+A calls lead by Jennifer
  • Recordings of all classes and Q+A calls
  • Transcripts for the weekly 75-minute classes
  • 16 Skin Rash Root Cause Quizzes to help you identify what's really causing your rashes
  • 15 protocols for root causes (with direction on when + how to follow them)
  • Private online forum to get additional support (not on Facebook!)
  • Lifestyle + topical product recommendations
  • Conventional + Functional lab recommendations (and HOW to get them)
  • Bonus #1: LIVE Q+A call with Rachael Pontillo — the amazing plant-based skincare formulator!
  • Bonus #2: Discounted rates on private sessions with Jennifer's team
  • Bonus #3: Unlimited access to future live programs and course upgrades/additions!

Here's What You Can Expect to Experience — Before the Holidays Are Here!

Man washing hands

Calmer Skin

Woman's face with clear skin

Less Redness

Woman with clear skin after shower

More Moisture

Woman holding hands over stomach

Better Digestion

Healthy good ingredients

Diet Diversity

Woman jumping on the beach full of energy

More Energy

Woman exercising with resistance band

A Clearer Head

Woman enjoying good sleep

Sounder Sleep

Confidant woman stretching on beach

More Confidence

And Here's My Weekly Plan to Make (What Seems) Impossible Right Now... Possible!

M O D U L E  1  Tuesday, September 27th

Getting Started

  • Not all supplements are created equal! Get access to professional-grade nutrients that are NOT available on Amazon or at your local health food store
  • Are "cross reactive allergies" causing your rashes? If you're allergic to ragweed you should avoid this common low-calorie sweetener, and if you avoid nightshades you should stay away from this popular adaptogen...plus dozens more!
  • Elimination diets are the key to avoiding flare-ups — right? Wrong! The Skin Rash Rebuild eating plan focuses on eating MORE FOODS to support detoxification, quench inflammation, and rebuild healthy skin.
  • The missing link to skin success. Learn mindset tips and tricks for the road ahead — from someone who's been in your shoes.
  • Ready... Set... Go! Document your starting point and get ready for amazing changes over the next 8 weeks.

M O D U L E  2  Tuesday, October 4th

Liver Detox + Gut Function

  • OOPS! Why a liver detox could be the totally WRONG thing for your skin — and the step-by-step liver support protocol you should use instead.
  • Your skin is trying to talk to you... through your gut? Learn to decode your digestive system symptoms to find out where to start on your skin problems.
  • What your doctor didn't tell you about digestive aids. Prescription and OTC digestive aids can make digestive problems WORSE — but these 4 all-natural digestive aids actually support healthy digestion.
  • Relief for itchy skin and different skin rash conditions. All my best recommendations for dealing with these super frustrating conditions.
  • Time for a good cry. Did you know that your body flushes out toxins through your sighs and tears? These emotional detox tips can help you clear toxins quickly…
  • TSW groundwork that’s often overlooked! The steps you need to start if you want to help your adrenals reboot + minimize TSW symptoms.

M O D U L E  3  Tuesday, October 11th

Mindset + Sleep and Stress

  • The skin rash mistake most people make. Don't wait until a big flare up before taking bold steps. Here's why it's in your best interest to start making changes ASAP...
  • Dermatologists never talk about this. There's deep shame and sadness attached to having skin rashes. Discover my top 3 mindset shifts to help you thrive... despite what your skin is doing right now.
  • Never take these supplements before bed. These nutrients are great for your skin — but taking them at night can disrupt your precious skin rebuilding sleep time.
  • Nightmares? Anxious sleep? Can't sleep? High nighttime cortisol levels can break down precious collagen. But taking this little-known nutrient at bedtime is the answer.
  • 17 signs of sleep apnea you should NEVER ignore. Besides increasing your risk for life-threatening diseases — like high blood pressure and heart disease — sleep apnea makes you 4x more likely to suffer with psoriasis.

M O D U L E  4  Tuesday, October 18th

Supporting Adrenals and Thyroid + Elimination Pathways

  • What your doctor doesn't know about thyroid testing. There is a proven connection between thyroid dysfunction and skin rashes — but most doctors miss a malfunctioning thyroid because they don't run these 5 lab tests.
  • The 1 nutrient you MUST AVOID for at least a week before thyroid testing. This nutrient helps improve skin's hydration, smoothness, and appearance... but it can also throw off your thyroid test results.
  • Warning! This commonly prescribed treatment can wreck your normal adrenal response. Here's the best lab test to take to find out if yours has been damaged — plus a coupon code to save $50!
  • An inconvenient truth about adrenal fatigue. Why actual adrenal fatigue is impossible and the real reason why your skin rashes are making you so tired all the time.
  • The single most important vitamin you can take for energy generation. There's a very special FORM of this vitamin you want to look for — and a certain time of day you should take it for best results.

M O D U L E  5  Tuesday, October 25th

Microbiome + Hidden Infections

  • Are invisible bad guys to blame? Take this quiz to find out if your skin issues are being caused by bacteria, fungus, or parasites — your gut could be crawling with them... without a single digestive symptom!
  • Oops! This explains why the protocols you read about online did NOT work for you — and how you can find out exactly which ones WILL.
  • The right way and the wrong way to restore gut health. My proven, all-natural protocols for restoring gut health will NOT "seal in" bad gut bugs and will NOT cause a harsh Herxheimer "die off" reaction.
  • Why I’m no longer anti-antibiotics. Is it time to bring in the big guns to nuke unfriendly gut flora? Before you say no to antibiotics, consider this...
  • Dental office dangers! Common dental procedures and materials may be toxic and could be causing chaos in your microbiome. Here's how to build a healthy microbiome starting in your mouth...

M O D U L E  6  Tuesday, November 1st

Histamine Overload + Environmental Exposures

  • Sick of the itch? This all-natural, plant-based protocol is my secret for putting out the fire... without OTC antihistamines!
  • Sneaky skincare labels! Skincare industry insider reveals "hushed-up" tricks for hiding harmful toxins — and she shares the best methods and products for caring for sensitive skin.
  • The invisible enemy all around you. Here's how to tell if mold "mycotoxins" (in your home, car, or office) are actually causing your histamine problems — and how to get them out of your system safely.
  • Watch out! This very popular liver detox herb may trigger a histamine response. Here's how to know and (if so) what to use instead.
  • How to find joy in food again. My reverse elimination diet guide will help you start reintroducing your favorite foods in a way that is 100% safe.

M O D U L E  7  Tuesday, November 8th

Sex Hormones + Sleep

  • What your monthly cycle has to do with healthy skin. You're not imagining things — there is a connection between female hormones and many common skin problems.
  • Before you do hormone testing for skin rashes... There are several other places you should look first to find root causes.
  • The missing link to healthy hormones. Mainstream medicine hates this substance and wants you to avoid it at all costs — but your body can't make important hormones without it!
  • The truth about birth control. What happens to your hormones when you go off of birth control and the tests to take if you suspect you have post-birth control syndrome.
  • The dark side of melatonin. Taking recommended doses of this popular sleep aid may help you get more shut-eye — but it is a hormone — and long-term use could come with unintended consequences.

M O D U L E  8  Tuesday, November 15th

Healing Isn't A Straight Line

  • Tired of feeling like a victim? Learn how to stop feeling angry and finally make peace with your body.
  • When you need professional mental health help. People with chronic skin rashes suffer with things like disordered eating, anxiety and low self esteem. Find out if seeing a therapist should be part of your long-term healing plan.
  • Stop taking it personally. Your symptoms are not there just to annoy you — they are important communications! Here's how to form a lasting partnership with your body.
  • Finding the silver lining. There are blessings hiding in the living hell of skin rashes. Let me share what I've discovered.
  • Your skin looks so much better! Look at your pictures and documentation from just 8 weeks ago and see how far you've come in such a short amount of time.

Reduce your skin rash symptoms just in time for The Holidays!

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"Information... Answers... Options"


“When the eczema started on my hands I really tried to do all the right things to get it to go away — even saw a naturopath who I felt had run out of options to help me and I didn’t know where else to turn to for help.

Skin Rash Rebuild was the beginning of my journey to clear skin! I realized my case wasn’t hopeless as there were so many other things to work on that my naturopathic doctor wasn’t directing me to do that Jennifer shared!

If you feel like you’ve run out of options with your doctor(s) and you don’t know where else to turn, the Skin Rash Rebuild program will provide loads of information, answers and options that can help you on your skin recovery journey.”

-Andrea J.

Hand before and after photos

"Absolutely Recommend"


“I came into the Skin Rash Rebuild program set on not going back on Humira for my psoriasis which I had stopped due to Covid. I was really feeling hopeless and frustrated because I was already eating a very strict diet in order to lower my histamine levels.

Though I knew some of the information Jennifer shared during the program, I came to discover a number of issues I had, like not eating enough protein and calories that led to excessive hair shedding (which was an issue for about a year). I know now how important protein is in skin healing as well.

I’m glad to know that I have more options to help my skin as I continue to work through this process and would absolutely recommend this program to someone struggling with psoriasis!”

– Rhonda

"Skin Has Really Improved"


“After struggling with Rosacea and feeling lost, alone and overwhelmed with the options out there, I found Jennifer and the Skin Rash Rebuild program.

I discovered which products and protocols Jennifer recommends. She also guided me on which tests I needed to ask my doctor for and what I could also test on my own (which revealed big problems I was so glad to find). This helped me figure out pieces of my puzzle that no one had ever considered before so I could do something about it!

I am sleeping better and feel generally more relaxed as my skin has really improved.”

– Meg M

"No More Breakouts"


I’d been dealing with eczema, dandruff, tinea versicolor and hives for some time and was feeling pretty hopeless and overwhelmed because I thought that I was out of options.

I came to discover in the Skin Rash Rebuild that there are many avenues that I can work on to help my skin. The support and not feeling alone has been so helpful and I’m also happy to report that I have not had a breakout for quite some time!”

– Minda T

Reduce your skin rash symptoms just in time for The Holidays!

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Join the Program Now and You'll Also Receive

🎁These Very Valuable Bonuses🎁

Live Group Q+A Call with Rachael Pontillo

 A $195 Value! 

Rachael Pontillo

Rachael Pontillo is an aesthetician, plant-based skincare formulator, and a freakin’ genius when it comes to what you can put on your skin in different phases of your skin rash journey. In fact, she’s the person I call when I have questions about ingredients and reactions!

That’s why I am so happy to give you a LIVE GROUP Q+A CALL with her.

You can ask her anything from the best products to use for skin complaints to different oils + essential oils for skin issues!

This call is a $195 value — but it’s absolutely FREE when you purchase Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE!

Discounted Rates on Private Sessions

 A $200 Value! 

Jennifer Fugo

Right now the only way to get 1:1 time with a member of my team is to buy a coaching package — and they start at $4,200.

We usually do not offer single calls for purchase.

But for only students in Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE!, you can purchase single private sessions with a member of my team at a special discounted rate during the program.

These 1:1 sessions can expedite your success with the program — but they’re only available during the 8 weeks of the live program.

Lifetime Program Updates

 A $297 Value! 

Woman using laptop

The Skin Rash Rebuild program is constantly growing and evolving as new research reveals new answers and I implement them with my 1-on-1 clients.

As a result, I’m always adding new material to the program — new self assessments, condition-specific strategies, and even new protocols.

So when you decide to register for Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE! I’m going to make sure your program includes LIFETIME UPDATES so that you always have access to the NEW NEW and what’s working RIGHT NOW!

Reduce your skin rash symptoms just in time for The Holidays!

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This program is NOT for everyone!

You're a GOOD fit if...

  • You’re struggling with one (or more) chronic rash conditions like eczema, psoriasis, chronic hives, dandruff, rosacea or tinea versicolor
  • You’ve tried lots of products + diets without much success and are tired of “throwing darts in the dark”
  • You are motivated to dig into your case
  • You want more in depth support because you don’t have the training + knowledge to understand labs and develop therapeutic protocols
  • Want a more integrative and holistic approach to your health
  • You’re interested in expanding your knowledge about what could be going wrong
  • Working with me privately is beyond your financial means or...
  • You’re not ready to ask for one-on-one help (yet)

You're NOT a fit if...

  • You currently have a serious diagnosis like cancer
  • You believe that you’ve tried everything and do not feel hopeful
  • You want to solve your problems with quick "fixes" and "hacks" and "tips"
  • You aren't interested in making changes to your lifestyle
  • You only want more food eliminations or incredibly restrictive diets
  • You would rather do all the research yourself
  • You want to blame your rashes entirely on stress or bad genes
  • You expect someone else to do all of the work for you
  • You want to get a personalized review of your case + recommendations — this is not possible in a "do it yourself" program — that’s what one-on-one services are for!


"The Insatiable Itch is Gone!"


“The Skin Rash Rebuild is thoughtfully designed to guide you step-by-step through your journey to clearer, healthier skin.

With Jennifer’s help, I was finally able to get to the root cause of my hand eczema after many years of trying to manage it with diet alone. As a result, the insatiable itch is gone, my skin is clearer, and I am tolerating many foods that previously triggered flares. As an added bonus, I am sleeping better and have no more hot flashes.

Jennifer helps identify changes that will make a real difference. She teaches you how to determine which factors to prioritize and what to do about them. She truly cares about helping and is there every step of the way. She wants everyone to feel seen and heard and makes it clear that no one has to face this journey alone.

After countless doctor visits, medications, lotions, potions, and pills, the Skin Rash Rebuild program is the best use of time and money that I have ever spent for my skin. For anyone suffering from skin rashes, I highly recommend Jennifer Fugo and her Skin Rash Rebuild program.”

– Christy C.

"Rash Has Subsided"


“I have been struggling with an itchy, red, burning skin rash for 7 years. It has been diagnosed as dermatitis, eczema & hives by a dermatologist. I was prescribed topical steroids which I have been using on & off for 7 years, but really they were a temporary fix. Each time the rash came back it was worse than before. I felt hopeless and alone and blamed myself for the issues I was experiencing.

Jen helps you to understand the complexity of your individual situation and guides you through protocols she uses in her practice. Her knowledge is wide-reaching and she looks for the root cause & guides you to not just manage the symptoms but to begin the deeper healing process of your body.

Thanks to the program I am sleeping better, the rash has subsided considerably and I have found the freedom of self-forgiveness.”

– Ruth

"Truly Remarkable"


“‘I’ve been dealing with skin issues — eczema and more recently TSW — for most of my life. I’ve been to many doctors, including specialists, integrative and functional medicine doctors, and haven’t gotten very far.

It seems like conventional doctors don’t have many answers other than “put some cream on it.” I tried this for years but things got worse.

I discovered Jennifer Fugo’s website and podcast a few years ago and gained lots of valuable information, but sometimes I felt overwhelmed. Then I found her Skin Rash Rebuild program that put all of the pieces together in a logical format broken into easily digestible pieces.

We were given protocols to tackle many different issues, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I really can’t believe how much information was provided at such a reasonable cost.

I’m seeing improvements and truly believe that Skin Rash Rebuild helped me to understand the root causes of my skin issues. This is truly remarkable after a lifetime of frustration. I’ve learned that addressing root causes is the key to healing and feel like I’m on the road to healing.”

– Sue

Happiness Guaranteed

100% HAPPINESS 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It’s very important to me that you’re 100% happy with your purchase of Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE! — and so I’m want to offer this guarantee to you:

If you start working through Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE! and then decide it isn’t for you, simply email support@jenniferfugo.com within the first 14 days after purchase and we’ll get the refund process rolling for you!

Jennifer Fugo


Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS, LDN

You Can Make The Holidays Different This Year

I remember how I hated family gatherings back when my eczema was really bad.

(Especially holidays where we would all eat together at the table and I couldn’t hide my hands).

My hands hurt so much from the cold, dry air that I couldn’t really enjoy myself.

And I didn’t want to help with food prep because I was worried people would think my hands were infected — AND I couldn’t help with the clean up because just plain water hurt so much.

Despite trying all of the salves and creams I could find, I was left dealing with a lot of pain and felt extremely self-conscious about what people might say.

AND I was afraid that if I ate the wrong thing (even though I wasn’t sure what that was), that I’d end up in a huge flare the next day.

It was a lose / lose situation, you know?

So if your holiday season has been anything like this in the past…

Then PLEASE I beg you — give Skin Rash Rebuild a try — because it has the answers you’re looking for.

I can help you get rid of the endless itching and scratching

I can help you end the revolving door visits to countless (well meaning but clueless) practitioners who don’t fully understand (or don’t believe) in the connections between your skin and other areas of your body, health and diet.

And help you finally get to the root cause of your chronic skin problems, give you a plan to address them, and hand you multiple tools to better manage your rashes.

No more hiding from the camera…

No more tears and struggle because bad skin is making you stay home and miss out on important gatherings…

Because you’re about to get empowered with answers… answers that can make special occasions (like the holidays) a very different experience!

Don't Miss This Chance to Reduce Your Skin Rash Symptoms Between Now and The Holidays!

Skin Rash Rebuild Course

Act before midnight on Sunday September 27th to receive:

Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE! virtual group program
🎁 Live Group Q+A Call with Rachael Pontillo
🎁 Discounted Sessions with My Team
🎁 Lifetime Program Updates!


Skin Rash Rebuild LIVE! virtual group program – $297
🎁 Live Group Q+A Call with Rachael Pontillo – $195
🎁 Discounted Sessions with My Team – $200
🎁 Lifetime Program Updates! – $297

Total Value: $989

🎁🎁 Extra Bonus: The first 40 people to PAY IN FULL will get a 1 month supply of my premium protein powder absolutely FREE that’s an $80 value! (US + Canadian participants only – paleo + vegan options available)

…with my 14-Day “100% Happiness” Guarantee

Credit Cards


"Worth Every Penny!"


“I struggle with eczema and must admit that I was very confused about what steps to take next because I felt like there are just so many different things you can do.

I decided to join the Skin Rash Rebuild hoping to get clarity and came to discover that the program has so many insights and tips on so many topics about skin problems. It’s really helpful!

If you want to know my thoughts on the program — do not hesitate to join the Skin Rash Rebuild. You will learn an incredible amount of information that will be helpful to guide you on your skin journey. It is worth every penny!”

– Nancy

"Definitely Recommend"


I’ve been struggling with eczema, dandruff, hives and TSW and was feeling a mix of confusion, overwhelm, depression and frankly had no idea what to do next. I was really tired of feeling like I was guessing with each step.

So I joined the Skin Rash Rebuild because I knew I needed some science-based information and support but could not afford another investment in speculative research/diagnosis.

The program helped me realize that I needed to get a clear diagnosis from testing so I could feel more confident in supplement protocols. I definitely recommend this program!”

– Cynthia H.

"Changed For the Better!"


“I was going through a second major psoriasis flare, getting no sleep, feeling tired all the time, and emotional about my skin issues. I felt stuck for the past 10 years and no one had the knowledge to help me.

I used to toss and turn, itch, and just not stop thinking while feeling half-awake all night, and would be exhausted by the time my alarms went off. I never wanted to get out of bed and everything was a challenge.

B​ecause of the support I got in the Skin Rash Rebuild, my sleep issues have totally changed for the better!

I can say that Jennifer is a specialist in skin issues. I’ve never seen anyone more knowledgeable about skin rashes as she is. She makes things easier to understand, she takes the time to explain WHY and HOW these different factors are playing a part in your skin issues.

As someone who has had skin issues all their life, I’ve never understood what is happening in my body and now I have actionable options as I continue to work on my health.”

– Bri W.

Reduce your skin rash symptoms just in time for The Holidays!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because I have extensive experience working with clients who have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, chronic hives,  dandruff + Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome (TSW), someone struggling with one (or more) of these issues would be well served in the Skin Rash Rebuild.

While it might seem strange to be in a course with people who don’t have your exact condition, that’s okay! I have the experience to know the different nuances that impact these conditions and will be sharing on how to address more customized steps and issues that present in these cases.

I don’t generally work with this population. Recommendations for children and babies are a bit different. This program is better for adults, teens or parents of teens who are committed to digging into their case and following directions.

Yes! All programming will be available over the internet. All live meetings can be accessed by your mobile device or computer.

Yes, it’s totally fine. I’ll walk you through how to start dealing with the underlying issues while still using medications to manage them. There is no judgement from me (nor will bullying about meds be tolerated) because your journey + what you choose to use on it is entirely up to you.

Totally okay! I consult on cases where clients are currently working with someone else but they are seeking a second set of eyes and expertise in skin-related matters to bring back to their practitioner to help them get better results.

This is a group program. There are opportunities to purchase at a discounted rate private sessions with Jennifer that you can use to supplement your journey. If you are strictly looking for private consultations, then you should inquire about establishing yourself as a client in Jennifer’s virtual practice instead.

No. While these options are not required, they may be helpful for your case. These are additional out-of-pocket options that may be covered by your health insurance or HSA/FSA card. The different options will be shared throughout the program in case you would prefer to purchase labs on your own (especially if you do not have health insurance).

Generally speaking, no. If you purchase access that includes a physical product then YES, those physical products will be mailed to you. But nothing from the program itself will be mailed.

Absolutely! That is included in your unlimited access.

Absolutely! Since they are in a PDF format, they should easily work on any device be it a computer, iPad, eReader, or mobile phone.

Yes absolutely since you have unlimited access.

You will have unlimited access to the program.

That’s okay too! I know that everyone is in a different place. You can absolutely take the class to learn more so you can slowly implement things on your own time table.

As soon as you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be redirected to the login page at https://www.jeninnercircle.com/login. You’ll then want to check your inbox for the email that contains your login information. That can sometimes take up to 10 minutes. Remember to check your spam box (and your promotions inbox if you use Gmail).

If you do not get the login details email, click on “Forgot password?” under the login button. Enter your email that you used to purchase the program and reset your password. That should give you access.

If that doesn’t work, then email support@jenniferfugo.com and a team member will get back to you to get the issue resolved. Please be aware that the support inbox is monitored Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm ET. If you contact my team outside of those hours, please be patient as we will get back to you soon.


This program should not be construed as a replacement for medical attention or a relationship with a doctor. Jennifer Fugo is a clinical nutritionist, but is not a medical professional and cannot diagnose you with any conditions. Joining this program does not create a client-practitioner relationship between you and Jennifer Fugo unless you decide to establish a private one-on-one relationship with her in her private practice.

With that said, it is advisable that you retain a patient-doctor relationship so that you can utilize their support on your journey.

All of the information shared within the Skin Rash Rebuild is to be used as general information and in no way make any promises, guarantees, or claims of diagnosis, treatment, prevention or healing any disease. Any actions you decide to take after confirming your seat within the group program is done so at your own risk. It’s your responsibility to consult with your own doctor before starting any new supplement, diet, lifestyle change or product.

Reduce your skin rash symptoms just in time for The Holidays!

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