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003: What’s Causing My Chronic Itchy Hives? w/ Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Sometimes I have clients who are losing their minds because they can’t figure why they keep getting hives. They’ve had allergy testing but just can’t figure out what to do. These…

002: Wait, What Does My Gut Have To Do With My Chronic Skin Condition?! w/ Kelsey Kinney

If you’ve tried just about every medication under the sun for your persistent skin condition and nothing seems to be working it may be because those medications are not addressing…

001: How to Protect & Strengthen Your Skin Barrier w/ Dr. Peter Lio

Many people don’t realize that our skin acts as a barrier to help protect us from the outside world. When that barrier fails, it can lead to a whole host of conditions from eczema…

000: Welcome To The Healthy Skin Show

Fed up with those skin rashes that just won't go away? Join clinical nutritionist, skin rash expert, and eczema warrior Jennifer Fugo to explore alternative ways to look at your…