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Clear Up Your Red, Itchy, Dry, Flaky, Oozing And Painful Skin Condition…Without It Spreading Or Flaring Up Again

This Naturopathic Doctor Reveals Her Simple SecretsTo Get That Healthy, Soft Skin You’ve Been Longing For!

To my gluten-free friend,

Are you looking for an immediate and long-term natural solution to clear up and reverse your skin rashes… so they never come back?

Have you used one oil, ointment, and natural remedy after another… yet keep getting red, dry itchy skin that flares up after you stop treating it?

Do you wish your eczema could simply disappear and be replaced with smooth, clear soft skin instead?

Is your doctor clueless and merely prescribes ointments, steroids and medication that only treat the symptoms… but don’t actually solve the underlying problems?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then keep reading because you’re about to discover a doctor who has successfully treated countless frustrated patients for their eczema. And today you will discover her easy methods for doing so.

Let Me Share A Story About A Woman Named Susan And Her Medical Journey To Overcoming Her Frustrating Dry, Itchy Skin Rashes…

It’s Important Because Her Story Is One I’ve Seen Over And Over

Older Woman

Susan is in her sixties now… she was a child of the 60s and 70s.

Like most people of her generation she grew up eating a Standard American Diet, regularly consuming processed foods, gluten and sugar… because that was the norm back then.

Who knew any better.

Many times throughout her life she took antibiotics based on her doctor’s recommendations. That’s just how you got over infections back then.

But now with the internet she’s discovered a lot of interesting information that’s taught her that her generation had a lot of it wrong, especially when it came to health.

Over the last few years Susan has been getting patches of embarrassing and painful, itchy dry skin rashes that go away, but keep coming back.

She has seen doctors and dermatologists.  They said her condition couldn’t be cured and it’s just something she needs to learn to manage and live with.

  • ​She’s tried wearing gloves to avoid touching something she might be allergic to that would trigger her rashes…
  • ​She’s used all sorts of oils, ointments and lotions… she’s even wrapped herself up and slept slathered with cream overnight.
  • Sometimes she can’t sleep very well because her skin gets so itchy.
  • She's pretty embarrassed about her rashes so she covers them up with long clothing so no one stares.
  • She can't enjoy being active because sweating makes things worse... and forget about wearing a bathing suit!

Yet no doctor has been able to help her reverse her awful skin condition…

So feeling frustrated, Susan went online to find a solution to her pestering rashes and signed up to some natural health newsletters.

After reading several blog posts, listening to podcasts and leaving comments, Susan finally found some help for her chronic skin condition.

You Asked… I Listened!Finally… Introducing: Clear Skin From the Inside Out

Yes… as a community member of Gluten Free School your input has been heard.

(I take the time to read all of your messages that you send me. So please feel free to ask me any questions!)

An overwhelming number of community members like you and Susan have asked for natural solutions to solve your eczema and other annoying skin rashes.

So I reached out to my friend Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, a functional medicine doctor…

She’s helped countless frustrated patients struggling with eczema overcome and reverse their skin challenges.

Last year Dr. Kara and I decided to record one of our calls where we talked about her best solutions for reversing annoying, embarrassing, itchy, and even painful skin rashes!

We recorded our call… and because we received such an overwhelming positive response I’m now making it available for everyone who hasn’t gotten a chance to hear it yet.

Finally There’s A Doctor That Knows How To Clear Up Itchy, Persistent And Unbearable Eczema For Good!

Meet Dr. Kara Fitzgerald...

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Who is Dr. Kara Fitzgerald?She is a brilliant clinical physician, author, speaker and researcher.

Unlike many doctors out there, Dr. Kara focuses on addressing the root causes of disease.

She addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. So her diagnosis and approach look at how you can help bring your body back into balance and resolve symptoms for good.

Through her naturopathic clinic she has helped countless concerned patients with their troubling skin problems

Now she shares her best tips in this short webinar with you!

Ready For Answers That WillFinally Clear Up Your Eczema?

Here’s What Dr. Kara RevealsIn Only The First 30 Minutes

  • Discover the REAL issues behind your skin problems… there are a variety of triggers and once you know what to look out for you’ll significantly reduce your flare ups.
  • Some skin conditions are extremely straightforward… Dr. Kara shows you her essential tips for reversing eczema once and for all. If you’ve been struggling to keep your skin issues at bay then you will LOVE this.
  • Find out how Dr. Kara helped a little boy with HEAD-TO-TOE dermatitis. His condition was “AS BAD AS IT GETS”... with these suggestions you’ll be on the path to clear, soft skin in record time.
  • Sometimes these skin cases are as simple as pulling out a SINGLE food… and BOOM… your skin clears up… and you’re better. Find out what these triggering foods are so you can eliminate them from your diet today.
  • Your gut which houses over 70% of your immune system is a major player systemically… and there are all sorts of factors that can DISRUPT the activity there… balance your gut and watch your eczema disappear!
  • ​If you’re a mom or dad with a kid at home with head to toe eczema and you haven’t eliminated this yet, then you’ll want to GIVE IT A SHOT. For many people, this is going to be a life changing process.
  • ​Why do local dermatologists only look at your skin and not go any deeper? Dr. Kara answers this.
  • Are you suppressing symptoms or are you tackling the underlying causes? Discover when you should look at the problem from the INSIDE-OUT… OUTSIDE-IN… or both!
  • ​Dr Kara reveals functional medicine’s fundamental approach. HINT: The body is an interconnected whole… it’s a system! Understand this concept and you’ll know what to do when your eczema flares up again.
  • Are you regularly using or relying on topical lotions? Here’s WHY it’s very typical that a topical lotion isn’t going to work.
  • When you SHOULD use topical lotions and when you should NOT (under some circumstances steroids can be LIFE SAVING, but other times you’ll want to avoid them at all costs).
  • Why your rashes rebound WORSE when you STOP taking topical lotion. Here’s what to do prevent rebounding.
  • ​You’ve heard of leaky gut… but have you heard of leaky skin? Dr. Kara gives you the deets you need to know about your skin’s health and how to keep it robust.
  • The 4 most common culprits that prevent your skin from healing. If you’re doing ANY of these you’re potentially adding days or weeks of itchy, dry, flaking skin to your schedule.
  • ​This common gene mutation leaves you prone to skin conditions… even Dr. Kara has it. If you have the mutation you are vulnerable to all sorts of skin conditions, like severe eczema, psoriasis, dry skin. Here’s how to test whether you have it, and what you need to do.
  • How HORMONES affect your skin, and what to do to get them back into balance. Hormonal shifts can cause oily skin conditions, acne, hidradenitis, PCOS, producing too many androgens. Get your hormones under control and restore your smooth skin with this doctor’s advice.
  • How gut issues like SIBO, H. pylori and gut pathogens can affect your skin… and what you can do to reverse the problem.
  • Watch out for these odd, yet commonplace environmental triggers. Some may be ON or around you now… and could easily trigger a flare.
  • ​You’ve probably heard how mercury isn’t good for you… this other kind of metal in your diet could be the culprit to your skin condition. Here’s how to find out if it’s an issue for you.
  • A hidden additive in dairy which can REALLY mess your skin. Watch out for this!

You’ll Get Answer After AnswerTo Solve Even The Most Grueling Skin Condition…

(Here’s What’s In The Next 30 Minutes Of The Webinar)

  • How you can suddenly become “allergic” to something you have been eating for decades. Dr Kara explains this common issue, and what you need to do to fix it. (This is especially important to know if you’re over 30 years of age!!)
  • The differences between body eczema and hand eczema. Find out what to do if you have either one.
  • Got super ITCHY dry skin and want some immediate relief? Try Dr. Kara’s GO-TO remedy to harmonize the micro-bacteria on your skin (and even use this on your scalp too!).
  • Can't sleep because of itchy skin? Dr. Kara’s got a quick fix that's available at your local pharmacy.
  • ​Psoriasis… How to STOP the progression towards psoriasis arthritis (and even reverse it).
  • Painful acne... Here’s what you’ve have got to know and do to clear it up fast.
  • Chicken skin. If you know what this is, have it or know someone with it… this information will be enlightening for you.
  • ​Interested in doing some testing? This is the lowest hanging fruit in the testing world to turn around your skin around in a simple way. With this test you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Plus, Dr Kara shares three of her favorite companies for gut health testing.
  • ​What test to avoid that's a total waste of time (and money). BONUS: The DIY approach if you don’t have the budget to do a test.
  • ​9 beneficial foods and herbs for skin disease and reversing aging. (And two types of foods you want to avoid at all costs!).
  • When you SHOULD use topical lotions and when you should NOT (under some circumstances steroids can be LIFE saving, but other times you’ll want to avoid them at all costs).
  • ​The best skin-supportive supplements… Dr. Kara has a list of them for you.
  • ​Which prescription lotions and ointments to use (and which to skip) that are SAFE and covered by insurance.
  • ​How to use probiotics on your skin for better healing! (Dr Kara’s patients have gotten really good results doing this.)
  • ​Counter intuitive options if you’ve already damaged your skin that work.
  • ​How "probiotic spritzer" for your whole body can repair your damaged layers of skin. Dr Kara has gotten great results with her patients using this, especially for reducing acne.
  • ​Have very dry cracked skin? Here’s the moisturizer you’re going to want to get and the type you’re going to forgo at all costs.
  • ​Discover Dr. Kara’s “moisturizer sandwich” trick. This is a quick solution for damaged dry skin.
  • ​The hidden problem with reverse osmosis water (and how it can worsen chronic dry rashes and skin).

Ready For Q&A?Here Are The Questions Listeners HAD To Ask…

(Which You'll Get All The Answers To!)

  • Can gluten affect your skin if it's in body care products?
  • Is there a danger in using steroid creams in the long run?
  • Do you need to move to another area if you have extremely dry skin? If not, what can you do about it?
  • What can you do if you have issues with peeling, weeping or oozing skin?
  • ​Why are GOOD companies (like 7th Generation) putting additives and preservatives in their products? Where can I find a safe list of products I can use?
  • ​Is it possible to get reddish rashes that ooze days after eating gluten?
  • ​What are the reasons why my toddler has eczema? What can I do about it?
  • ​What to do to repair skin after using steroids?
  • What should I do to repair my skin if I'm a raw vegan?
  • Is chronic seborrheic dermatitis connected to gut issues or to food sensitivities?
  • What do you do if you’re diabetic with dry oozing skin?
  • ​What to do if humidity in your environment ISN’T helping?

Here’s The Community’s Soaring ResponseAfter Listening To This Webinar

“I found the webinar REALLY interesting as I’m in the midst of figuring out what foods are triggering the patch of eczema I have at the base of my scalp.

Gluten has been out of my diet for at least 10 years and dairy, most recently (mostly), but I suspect other culprits.

Thank you so much for giving me more usable ammo to help end this frustrating situation!


“I FINALLY have some answers.

I can not thank you and Dr. Kara enough! I learned so much! Looking forward to making some changes and hopefully finally getting this condition under control. THANKS A MILLION FOR THE WEBINAR! I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested. It was worth every penny!”


“Your skin webinar offered tons of information about skin conditions that gets to the root cause of the condition.

It gave me lots of ideas for resolution that go beyond typical medications prescribed by dermatologists that only treat the symptoms and can actually create new problems.

What surprised me most about the info is the number of conditions that are related to gut health and affected by diet.

I finally have renewed hope that I can find answers to resolve my conditions with diet change and/or supplementation to correct imbalances.”


“I can’t believe how many notes I took from the skin solutions webinar. I just couldn’t stop writing… everything was just so helpful!

I never knew about all of the different options you shared even though I read a lot from wellness experts on the web.

This was one of the most informative webinars I’ve ever attended and I’m glad I didn’t miss it! Now I know what I need to look for and do to get my beautiful skin back! Thank you, Jennifer!”

Cathy Durante

What Should This 87 MinuteContent-Heavy Talk Cost You?

It’s really expensive to privately work with a functional medicine physician. They can cost you upwards of $600 per visit.

You read that right… $600 PER visit!

When I initially aired this webinar,  only a select part of my community got access to it.

But now you don’t have to bare the expense of traveling to Connecticut to visit Dr. Kara to find solutions to your frustrating skin issues… the answers you’re looking for are here.

Dr. Kara and I hyper-focused on this one topic to give people like you who are fed up with what feel like unending skin rashes clear, actionable, and practical solutions from a root cause perspective.

And that’s why this interview is so valuable!

Now's Your Chance For Smooth, Rash-Free Skin

Clear Skin From the Inside Out

How to finally solve your “never-ending” skin issues from the inside out(especially if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis)

Product on iPad, iMac and pdf

As I said, one visit with a functional medicine doctor can run upwards of $600.

Normally this program costs $40, but for the next few days I’m happy to slash the price to only $12!

But that low price is only available for the next 4 days.

So when you order it today, you’ll save $28 on all this invaluable information.

Here’s what you get when youorder Clear Skin From the Inside Out today:

87 min webinar slide presentation — so you can follow along in a more engaging and stimulating fashion… as though you were there with us in the room. ($347 value)

MP3 audio of the entire presentation — so you can listen to this call anywhere… as you’re walking, on your way to work, or at home cooking dinner. ($27 value)

Complete transcript — in an easy to read PDF file. Because some people simply prefer reading!
The transcript also makes it easy for you to look up any words, supplements or suggestions that you might want to look up. ($57 value)

Private Facebook Group Access — gain access to my private welcoming community where you can ask questions of me ($27 value)

But Wait… There Is More!

What’s a great sale like this without even more great goodies?

I know the information in this call can be invaluable to you if you or someone close to you is suffering from awful skin rashes.

That’s why I want to make this an even better deal for you.

When you order Clear Skin From the Inside Out, I’m going to throw in two extra bonuses for you…

BONUS #1 — My Top 10 Skin-Soothing & Skin-Nourishing Supplements

There’s nothing like finding the cause of your problem so that you can eliminate it as fast as possible…

However healing takes time.

With this list of skin soothing and skin nourishing supplements, you’re going to rapidly speed up your skin rebuilding process.

It’s taken me years of trial and error, research and money to discover these super supplements for your skin.

Save yourself hours on google with this list.

The value? Priceless.

BONUS #2 — Best Tests For Rebuilding Your Skin (And How To Order Them)

As you’ll discover in this webinar with Dr. Kara, there are many things that may be triggering your skin issues.

I’ve compiled a list of the best tests to discover triggers underlying your skin condition.

You’ll also find out which tests are right for you, and which aren’t.

Along with the best places for the best price to get these done (depending on your budget).

If you’re very serious and set on putting your skin issues to rest FAST, then these tests will be an invaluable tool at your disposal.

This is the perfect bonus if you’re ready to take action and get your smooth skin back.

Additional Perks...

  • Lifetime Access to this material so you can revisit it whenever you need.
  • Accessible on ALL Devices ​including phone, tablet or computer.
  • Save Money taking steps you'd otherwise have to spend a fortune on.
  • Save Time by avoiding hours of fruitless and confusing internet research.

No-Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee seal

I’m confident that the information shared will get you started down the right path.

If you don’t feel that the masterclass is a good fit for you, email support@jenniferfugo.com within 7 days from the date of purchase and I’ll refund you 100%.

“You truly have the best customer service! You are prompt and professional, Jennifer. I purchase many items and some services via the Internet and your customer service and professionalism is top rate! Many thanks, Linda”

Get Clear Skin From the Inside Out

Your program includes LIFETIME ACCESS to..

  • 87-minute slide presentation video
  • ​MP3 recording to listen anytime... anywhere
  • Complete transcript for better comprehension
  • ​Private Gluten Free School Facebook Group Access
  • ​BONUS #1 -- Top 10 Skin-Soothing & Skin-Nourishing Supplements
  • BONUS #2 -- Best Tests For Rebuilding Your Skin (And How To Order Them)

Total Package Value = $508

$40 Normal Price

Get Lifetime Access Now for only...



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Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Skin From the Inside Out

What if I'm hearing impaired?

No worries! The complete transcript is included in this course so that you won't miss a thing!

What type of experience do you have with chronic skin rashes?

Even though I'm a clinical nutritionist, I've a long history of gut issues and skin rashes. I've personally gone through the process of rebuilding my skin on both my body and hands (from dyshidrotic eczema) using these exact functional medicine steps shared within. The bonuses are based on my own personal and clinical experience of how to identify root causes and nourish your skin in ways totally ignored by conventional dermatologists.

Can't I just look all this stuff up on the internet or follow a book's program?

Sure. Absolutely. Except you've probably done all that already and if you're here reading this, I imagine you haven't been all that successful. The problem is that the internet is overwhelming and often loaded with incorrect or out-of-date information. And following a book's program can be effective assuming you have the time to finish it (considering that only 36% of books started are ever finished). That said, this is a consolidation of information coming from a reliable source.

Are you going to discuss how to go gluten-free during this program?

No. While Dr. Kara and I both agree that going gluten-free for chronic skin issues is often incredibly helpful, we do not cover the how on this call. There simply isn't enough time to do that due to the many factors involved in the process. If you need help going gluten-free and being 100% compliant, then you'd benefit from my other program, Kick Gluten For Good.

Can I get a clear diagnosis of what is wrong with my skin from this program?

In order to obtain a clear diagnosis, you must work with your physician. This program is for informational purposes only and neither Dr. Kara nor myself can diagnose you with any type of disease. This program is not intended to replace the critical relationship that you have with your physician. While we both encourage you to become your own patient advocate, we advise you to discuss the information herein with your physician before taking any steps on your own. You are ultimately responsible for the actions you chose to take and we cannot make any guarantees that the information herein will "heal" or "cure" your ongoing skin issues.

Can I purchase this if I'm not in the US?

Absolutely! This information would be helpful to anyone no matter where you live.

Is it okay if I'm not super tech savvy?

Yes. If you can use email, and you know how to click on links, then you'll be able to easily access and use the information. There's no complicated steps or hurdles to jump to access the materials.

Once I sign up, how do I get access to the program?

After you've paid, you will receive two emails.

One will be your receipt.

The second will be an email that is called "Welcome to Clear Skin From The Inside Out". You must save this email because it contains all of the links and password you need to access the information of the program.

There is no member's area or anywhere you'll need to log in. You can access everything from this one email. Should you ever misplace the email, simply email me and I'll resend you the access email so you can always use the information within.

If you happen to not receive the Welcome email, make sure to check your SPAM box (or promotions folder if you're using gmail). If you still do not see it, then simply email me and let me know. I'll get it right out to you!

Get Clear Skin From the Inside Out

Your program includes LIFETIME ACCESS to..

  • 87-minute slide presentation video
  • ​MP3 recording to listen anytime... anywhere
  • Complete transcript for better comprehension
  • ​Private Gluten Free School Facebook Group Access
  • ​BONUS #1 -- Top 10 Skin-Soothing & Skin-Nourishing Supplements
  • BONUS #2 -- Best Tests For Rebuilding Your Skin (And How To Order Them)

Total Package Value = $508

$40 Normal Price

Get Lifetime Access Now for only...



>>>> BEST DEAL <<<<

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Rooting For Your Health (and Clear Skin),

Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS
Clinical Nutritionist & Founder of Skinterrupt

PS. For only $12 today you will be shown exactly what you need to do to stop your eczema (and other skin issues) from persisting.

You’ll discover the diet changes, the specific types of foods, supplements, and tests you can use immediately to slow down and eliminate your dry itchy skin.

PPS. At no extra cost, you’ll get two special bonuses… 

Bonus #1: Top 10 Skin-Soothing & Skin-Nourishing Supplements

Bonuses #2: The Best Tests To Get A Better Understanding of What’s Going On With Your Skin

PPPS: You’ve got an incredible guarantee… listen to the call, and if the information doesn’t blow you away… if your doctor doesn’t give you the thumbs up on some of these suggestions… then simply tell us, and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

PPPPS: You’ll be saving $28 off the original price when you order today. The cost of the webinar jumps up to $40 after 4 days… so get the information you need to repair your skin at this low price before it bounces back up!



>>>> BEST DEAL <<<<

Yes -- I Want Access Now!

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